Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little History...drive home

tired after a long day of driving

Brigham Young's House

The drive home was yucky! BUT we were able to take a little detour and spend the night in Nauvoo!!! Pretty Lucky, I know. The place we stayed at was really cool. I can't remember the name exactly, but I think it was one of the first cabins built in the Salt Lake Valley and then they moved it back to Nauvoo. There was a book in the cabin that told its whole history and had pictures of all of the people that built it and had lived in it. It was really interesting, my dad would have loved it.
The next day we were able to go around the town for awhile. It was a rainy, windy, and blustery day but it was a great experience. We just wish we could have had more time there.

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  1. Christine, thanks for the web site on movie reviews, I will defenitely use it next time! Hope you guys are doing well. Hope to see you soon!?