Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little History...back to reality

After our super fun summer back East, we (mostly me) had a awful time adjusting back to real life. I was offered my job back at US Welding, and Jared and I enrolled at UNR. At the time I felt so overhemed working part time and taking a class or two... BIGGEST regret ever....now that I am working full time and school full time. I REALLY wish I would have been taking like 5 or 6 classes when i was only working part-time. Heck, I would have been graduated by now...oh well i guess!
Our second home

tiny & orange
Anyways, this was our second apartment, a little less lavish then the first, but it was home and we were very thankful for it. Plus the location was amazing for going to classes, I sure miss walking across the street and being at school. Thank you April for finding it for us!!!

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